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Hire our virtual home design company based in Orem & West Jordan, UT

Hoping to get started building a new home or commercial space? Sometimes old-fashioned blueprints don't tell the whole story. For detailed 3D renderings that let you see every detail in perfect clarity, turn to BK Virtual Homes. Based in Orem, UT, we're able to provide a digital twin for any residential or commercial building for clients throughout the country.

Developers, architects and homeowners all can benefit from our animated or still renderings. Our advanced software allows us to fully customize every detail.

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Exterior Rendering

See the bigger picture with a detailed architectural rendering.

Exterior Rendering

Interior Rendering

Visualize any room with amazing clarity.

Interior Rendering

Animated Tour

Develop an animated video rendering of your entire property.

Animated Tour

Why choose us?

BK Virtual Homes is committed to providing the highest-quality renderings at competitive prices. We provide value to our clients with:

We give all of our clients control over each feature to be rendered. There are no cookie-cutter designs here. Everything is customized.

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How can 3D renderings aid in construction?

It takes a skilled and experienced professional to take 2D blueprints and bring them to life. As modern technology has become the norm in every industry, shouldn't construction catch up? Our 3D renderings allow developers and homeowners to:

  • See potential issues well in advance
  • Experience a new design concept first-hand
  • Select color schemes and materials
  • See their designs come to life

An immersive rendering can help developers receive lending, or give a homeowner the tools to tweak fine details. Reach out today to schedule an initial consultation.